Severed heads and shattered skulls: the darker side of Bogology

Just discovered this blog today and am now a follower. Check it out! I love bog bodies.


Gather round friends, it’s time for a rather gruesome Bogology tale… I hope you’re not reading this over your breakfast.

It was a late spring morning in 1983 when they found her. Andy Mould and Stephen Dooley worked at the Lindow Moss peat works in Cheshire, northern England. This lowland raised bog once covered approximately 600 hectares, but was being gradually eaten away by industrial peat harvesting. A strange object wobbled along a conveyor belt that transported peat, cut from the bog surface, to a shredding machine. Andy stopped the belt to take a closer look. At first the men joked that they’d found a dinosaur egg, but as the peat began to peel away they realised they had a rather more gruesome discovery in their hands. It was a severed human head, complete with its hair and one accusatory eye, staring straight at them.

The police arrived, suspecting that…

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