Ode to Oreos

This poem was spontaneously inspired by the package of Oreos I just received in the mail from my mother.

Oh Oreo,
With your crunchy, chocolaty cookies
Delicately sandwiching the sweetest cream known to mankind;
You are delicious.
I tried to find you in Tesco
But you can only be found in one sad, single serving pack.
Or perhaps that’s considered three servings, since the serving size is 3 cookies.
(We both know that’s not true, Oreo.)
In America, Oreos come in resealable packages with three plentiful rows.
I once knew a girl who would eat an entire package while watching Ghost Whisperer by herself. I thought it sad.
Now I know better, Oreo.
As I finish cookie after cookie, suddenly an entire row has gone.
Perhaps I should slow down.
But no, how could I? What could be better than pulling apart the two halves to reach the sweet center?
What could be better than the cracks between my teeth being filled with your cookie crumbs?
This ode is for you, Oreo.
I missed you.
(P.S. I’d like it if you brought back the Oreo O’s cereal.)



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