Who Needs an Osteologist?

Who Needs an Osteologist?

I have come across this blog (Powered by Osteons) before, but recently saw this “Who Needs an Osteologist?” recurring segment and loved it. A little game for my fellow bioarch people or anyone wanting to test their osteological knowledge! Click the link above and see if you can figure out what is wrong with the arrangement of this skeleton. Then scroll under the photo for links to more installments of “Who Needs an Osteologist?” and look in the comments for the answers that other people came up with–see if you can spot them. There are no comments on this one yet, since it was just posted today. Of course, Bones is featured. For those of you who have mentioned this show when I tell you what I study, this is the reason I say it’s not worth watching! Totally inaccurate, and this is just one example. I wonder if this is how doctors and nurses feel when watching Grey’s Anatomy


2 thoughts on “Who Needs an Osteologist?

  1. HAHA ok so these are pretty hilarious. Some of it you can understand that someone who’s never studied skeletal anatomy would get wrong. But surely everyone should be able to orientate an os coxa correctly, why would you think its goes it upside down?!

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