The Days Are Just Packed


Hey folks!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but the title of this one describes why. As always, I have drawn my inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes šŸ™‚

So normally I’m not a person who gets homesick, but I have been seeing people from home post pictures of early Thanksgiving dinners and write statuses about being home for the holidays, and I must say that it saddens me that I will not be home for that. My mom asked me a few weeks ago when my next break was, and it occurred to me that the only break I get is the one for Christmas! It is very odd not having a fall break and Thanksgiving break, and the lack of them means that I am busybusybusy. However, it hasn’t all been lectures and studying; there is always room for fun!

Earlier this month I got a brief respite from the college life when my grandparents came to England! It was so great to be able to show them around my new city and even explore places I hadn’t been yet. I gave them a tour of campus, we visited the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM), the quay, the cathedral, the Imperial, and the Underground Passages, and we went on a Red Coat Tour Imagecalled Exeter Old and New! I learned a ton, and frantically tried to take notes on my iPod touch as we (literally) ran to keep up with the tour guide! And then of course we had to have cream tea and cornish pasties at one point. It was a lot of fun and so good to see family. I hope they had as wonderful of a time as I did; it was hard to get back to the daily grind after that!

The other fun thing this month was the switching on of the Christmas lights on Thursday night. I cannot even express in words the atmosphere of that night; there were lights strung up on every building, people selling balloons, cotton candy, and light-up toys like they do at a carnival or amusement park, paper antler hats, carolers, and even a proposal!! The American in me was struggling with the fact that the Christmas season was starting before Thanksgiving, but you can’t help but get caught up in that Christmas spirit and overwhelming joy! It also was the official opening night of the Exeter Christmas Market, which was so magical. We got elk burgers and mulled wine as we perused colorful booths spilling over with sweets and gifts. I swear we were high on the excitement (and cold) of that night. I can’t wait to go back!

Now, my friends and family at home are probably wondering what I am doing for Thanksgiving. The university is putting on a Thanksgiving lunch, so my friends will be accompanying me to that. (“Lunch?” you say. I know, they just don’t understand. At least they are trying!) I know the food could never compare to the delicious dishes prepared by my family, but it will have to suffice. Then that evening, for the weekly CathSoc social, my American friend Marilyn and I are going to bring Thanksgiving to our British friends through crafts, snacks, and of course…Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! They will soon learn what they’ve been missing all these years šŸ˜‰ Never fear, I will not abandon my American ways!

Well, I think that’s all for now. I have two papers and a poster I should probably get back to working on…

Since I probably won’t have another post before then, Happy Thanksgiving šŸ™‚ I am thankful for all of you at home who have supported me on this adventure, and all those here in Exeter who have made it so much fun thus far!



To my dear sister: if you read this today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you.


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