T-8 days until I set sail across the pond and embrace the adventures that lie ahead.


Well, this will probably be the last post before British michiganmalorie begins posting. I’m sure you are all very excited to meet her and all the British lingo she will quickly pick up and use for your benefit. She will use words and phrases like:


“kiss my chuddies”

(I am finding these courtesy of the British-American Dictionary my mother bought me.)

Unfortunately, however, American michiganmalorie needs to get her ducks in a row first. As my dear fiancé would say, “Let future Malorie worry about that.” But in this case, future Malorie just does not exist if present Malorie does not get everything taken care of first. I have considerably shortened the to-do list, but I still must buy a few more things and then get packing. It hasn’t really hit me yet that this time next week, I will be making my final preparations to leave the country for a YEAR, and I don’t know if it will until then. How does one prepare for such a thing? I suppose it’s only by jumping in with both feet, being confident in myself and trusting that God will do the rest.

The hardest part so far has been saying goodbye. How do you say “see you later” when you don’t know when “later” will be? I’m not lying when I say that after I left Kenny in Indiana, I cried all the way home. Then the song “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey came on the radio. Have you heard it? The chorus goes:

“Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby, you’re the best”

Man, sometimes it’s crazy how songs can speak to our innermost feelings. I really am feeling the summertime sadness right now as I look back and wonder where four months went. 


I am excited for Exeter and the new experiences it holds in store for me, but I just wish time could have slowed down a bit to let me soak up more time with my loved ones before I go. As I finish
gathering and lining up my ducks, this quote by one of my role models carries me through and reminds me of what lies ahead. Tina Fey is a highly successful and accomplished woman who got where she is because she worked hard and didn’t give up. I strive to do the same.

See you on the other side,


2 thoughts on “Ducks

  1. These experiences of saying goodbye and packing for a year overseas, while they are probably some of the hardest things you’ve done, I am confident that you will look back on them and know that these experiences were also some of the best things you’ve done. Will you send me your mailing address at Exeter when you get a chance? I’d love to send you some snail mail. 🙂 When do you leave?

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